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Technical Support

Technical Support

Working environment:The space for R&D and lab has reached 800m2 in WD new headquarter building, and is adjacent to WD production base.

Technical support

1. Technical team

WD technical team is constituted by experienced and skillful bearing R&D engineers and technicians. Based on product design, technique R&D and application technique research, WD’s technical support also considers the product specialty of different area and types, then enabling WD technical team to suit for diversified developing request, implement the development process more deeply and widely, and provide comprehensive service including demand analysis, product selection, special product R&D and after-sale technical support; then further improve the product’s value effectiveness.

2. Technical functions

Product development:

WD product development is based on the customer’s demand and the development process is quite flexible. During product development, based on customer’s application, WD technical team, by doing thorough technical calculation and product design, section, technique R&D, etc. will prepare a technical solution finally to realize the applicability of the products and provide an optimized solution of higher performance.

Application technology research and service:

WD application technology development is mainly applied in engineering project development, after-sale technical service and technical training. Through WD’s research on bearing application technology and the accumulation of application experience, WD is able to support you with the technical training on product development, installation, maintenance and problem-solving, committing to decrease your development difficulty and improve your efficiency; then realize the maximum value of WD products.

We believe that you would like to get the right design from the very beginning and can foresee potential problems. We would provide engineering consulting services related to our bearing products, including bearing selection, design optimization and the root cause analysis. Root cause analysis – finding out why the design has not played the expected function- is another area where our consultants can support you. WD application engineers will be pleased to help you solve the problems faster with their rich experience.

Bearing mounting and lubrication

The bearing lifetime will be seriously affected by improper mounting or lubrication. With the knowledge and experience in these areas, we can provide you corresponding support.

3. R&D methods

  • By using the latest engineering software, WD is able to provide calculating & analog service to realize the optimized product solution.
  • WD precision measurement lab is equipped with advanced measuring tools to help engineers fully understand the product and support the various test during the developing process.
  • WD implement bearing life test to verify the reliability of our products.
  • Cooperation with the national bearing institutes.